Zippy Bumble Bee

Can you help our poor busy bee who has worked so hard and so late for so long and now has lost his “zzzz’s”. Zippy Bumble Bee is a single Dad bumble Bee who looks after his baby bumble bees whilst working to collect pollen for the Queen Bee. Zippy Bumble Bee’s trouble started when there was lava eruption that exploded from the mountain of Sire Fire and some of the lava pieces hit the meadow of sunflowers where he lived. Many Bumble Bees lives were lost and the Bee honey supplies was drastically effected making all bumble bees to have to work over time. Zippy lost sleep worrying about how he would care for his little bee-lings.

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I wonder how Zippy find’s his lost “zzz’s”. Do you think it was his friend, Winona Wind, or did Miss Mary Mouth, the Speech Pathologist, have something important to teach him.

Zippy Bumble Bee loves giving kids buzzy love. He says,

My stripey body feels like fuzz, come on give me a squeeze,

I’ll give you buzzy love!

Speech therapy, phonics, speech impairment, dyspraxia, dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, auditory processing. Speech therap[y made fun with the Phonic All Stars and the Club Yicketty Yak Speech therapy groups held at Once Upon a Time therapy on the Gold Coast
Zippy Bumble Bee loves to give buzzy love!
Listen to his sound track as he teaches you how to make his favourite sound that a bee makes…the speech sound “zzzz”.

Zippy Bumble Bee-Bee

Z-Z- that’s me me

Your voice is strong

Your breath is long

Your tongues behind your teeth -Z…

Listen to his talking book where two of his friends try to help him with his trouble of loosing his “zzzz”. What is a bumble bee without his BUZZ!

Speech therapy, phonics, speech pathologist-Katrine Elliott from Optimal Communications. Join in for speech therapy groups at Club Yicketty Yak featuring the Phonic All Stars as they teach you speech sounds.
Find out how Zippy Bumble Bee gets helps from two of his friends, Winona Wind and Miss Mary Mouth to find his missing “zzzz’s”

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