Toby Tap

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Try it! It’s so easy!
Tap the tip of the tongue behind the teeth and make it flap…Turn your voice right off! Pop a little drop air…and lets do the Toby Tap rap-Tippetty tap!

Bathtime is so much fun with bubbles and froth. Have you got your plug feet on and your plunger ready to go because Toby Tap is ready to “tap” dance and sing for you about how he makes his favourite speech sound “t”. It is the sound he makes when he drip water from his tap nose onto the floor. You see he has a leaking washer, so if you listen very quietly you can hear the “t-t-t” sound pitter pattering on the bathroom tiles.

He teaches you to…

Try it -it’s so easy

Put your tongue behind your teeth and make it flap

Turn your voice right off

Trap a little bubble of air…

… and that’s how you do the Toby Tap rap!

Watch out – because Toby Tap loves to tippetty Tap the toilet seat and we all know that can get a little slippery now and then. Listen to his song to hear what happens.

Remember the “t” sound is made quietly as the voice is turned off unlike “d” for Dudley Drum where the voice is turned on.

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Turn to page 16 of your “Teach-Me-speech-sounds” book to find out how Toby Tap makes his favourite sound.

You can trace the capital letter T and the lowercase letter “t”.



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