Hydro Hound

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You said you’d only be half an hour …now 4 hours have passed. Hydro Hound sits here alone…how long will this hurting last?

Hydro Hound is home alone and missing his owner, Miss Mary Mouth. He thought she was going to be half an hour but now it is four hours later and it has gotten dark outside. Hydro Hound is scared when he is home alone and he starts to hallucinate that there are scary things in the house. You can hear him huffing and puffing and making the “h” sound…”h-h-h”. Can you help heal Hydro Hound’s howling heart and come home to give him company.

Listen to Hydro’s song when he tells you how he makes his favourite speech sound.

It’s happening again,

my jaw hangs down,

my voice just won’t come out

Here’s that huffing sound.

Remember the sound is quiet so turn your voice off.

Did you know that Miss Mary Mouth and Hydro Hound have an adventure where they get courageous and visit Iva Mind, who lives in the haunted House on the hill?

I wonder why they needed to see the all “seeing-all knowing-but never seen” spooky creature that lives hidden in the house?

It must have been something important to make them go into that scary house… I wonder what it is.

Listen to Hydro Hounds Talking Book to find out what happened and also how Miss Mary Mouth was able to solve the secret puzzles in the paintings.

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Find out what adventure Miss Mary Mouth and Hydro Hound had when they tracked down Iva Mind in his haunted house.


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