The Phonic All Star music soundtrack

Complimentary with your CLUB YICKETTY YAK is your own Phonic All Star Music soundtrack which is a compilation album containing 12 soundtracks being CD 1 called Cruisin’ with the Consonants.

This CD was created by Katrine Elliott (Speech Pathologist) with the talent of Big Note Productions on the Gold Coast over 4 years and we are very please to be able to give this to you as a gift for attending the program.

The CD 1 is also inside our PHONIC ALL STAR PROGRAM PACKS or are available as a separate item from our Once Upon A Time Therapy clinic for $35.00.

Our first CD features the sound tracks for ….

1. Cruisin’ with the consonants-Theme track

2.  Bobby Ball

3. Zippy Bumble Bee Miss Mary Mouth

4. Hydro Hound

5. Vonnie Vacuum Cleaner

6. Joker Jack

7. Winona Wind

8. Sidney Snake

9. Yeeha Yowee

10. Toby Tap

11. Portia Candle

12. Miss Mary Mouth

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Available in jewel case or digital download. Enjoy learning about the characters who love the sounds…m, t, s, z, v, h, w, j, p, b, and y

The CD has been written with lots of target sounds featured in the lyrics. Listen carefully as you will also learn the secrets of how to produce the speech sound. Can you count how many words are featured in each track.

If you love CD 1 you can now also download CD 2-Carnivale of Sound which is our new release featuring the other consonant phonemes…. download it from cd baby.

Phonic All Stars, Teach-me-speech-sounds is a speech therapy speech and correction program developed by Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist from Once Upon A Time Therapy on the Gold Coast, Australia. The program is for student who have challenges with dyspraxia, phonological processing, speech delay, speech impairment, articulation impairments, language impairments, social communication disorder, autism, down syndrome, dyslexia, dysgraphia, central auditory processing disorder, hearing impairment. SPEECH. S.P.E.E.C.H. Therapy really matters when early intervention is given.
Now you can enjoy the exciting stories and music of the second CD for the Phonic All Stars…Carnivale of Sound.



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