The Phonic All Star Flashcards-level 1

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The Phonic All Star Flashcards are the central tool in the speech and literacy correction program that is being understood to not only make remarkable improvements for children with speech impairment such as:

  • dyspraxia
  • phonological disorders and delays
  • and articulation errors

but is also assisting children to correct literacy impairments for students who demonstrate dyslexia (reading impairment) and dysgraphia (spelling and writing impairment) when their is an underlying challenge with processing phonological information.

The first step is what we call…”mapping the SPEECH SOUND GRID” or creating auditory and sound files in the mind based on the characters on the 46 cards. Each card represents a sound in the Australian Phonetic Alphabet.

If you would like to learn the speech sounds and watch the training video, enter your details in the port to the left (web browsers) or bottom (iphones and androids). Then we can give you the password to watch the training video. If you would like to GO THE HOLE WAY!!!!! Visit our centre and work with our trained Speech Pathologist using the Phonic All Star speech and literacy correction program.

How is it done… first we MAP the Speech sounds…then we automate the accuracy with speed… let us help you through this jungle of activities to correct speech and literacy the fun way.

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