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Optimal Communications and Once Upon A Time Therapy: A purpose built fantasy Speech Therapy clinic based in Jackman St Southport, Queensland, Australia, supporting individuals with communication challenges.


Once Upon A Time Therapy Centre

Suite 9/3-15 Jackman St SOUTHPORT Q AUSTRALIA 4215

(07) 5528 2222

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  1. Hello,
    I came across your you tube video and was struck by what you were saying as it related to my sons experience so closely. I have twins, boy and girl, born prematurely. Both have significant literacy delays though my son is more severe. They are now 11 years old and can only read to a grade one-two level. Auditory processing is delayed as is retrieval. Reading is very labour intensive. I really need help. I liked what you were offering. Am I able to access this if I do not live in Australia? I have yet to find any program comparable in Canada that my children can access. They’ve had speech therapy in the past but it was not effective at all.. I’ve pulled my children from school (homeschooling now) as it only makes them feel stupid when they are both very bright and capable. Please help. How can I sign them up.. Or get access to your program?

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