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Phonic All Star Program Record Form

The Phonic All Star Program is a structured and scaffolded literacy program that enables you to teach your child the vital skills to develop mature literacy skills for their word analysis abilities in a step by step manner with the guidance of the training program instructed by Katrine Elliott-Speech Pathologist.

Students first require the ability to process the visual and phonological (sound) content in the letter strings of a word to then store words in their word bank for use when reading. Our guided step-by-step program ensure that each foundation skill is achieved in this process. Once learned accurately, then we work to strengthen the mind skill and increase the child’s ability to do this at “speed” which increases their processing speed.

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The Phonic All Star Record Form enables you to keep track of your child’s progress during the program. This is an example of page 1 of the program form

This is the point of difference for the Phonic All Star Program, as the focus is on the “engineering” of the minds structures when a child has an impairment in any of their processing systems that are needed for their reading, spelling and writing.

The program has a record form that enables you to keep track of your child’s progress and set targets to achieve. The kids love to beat their speeds and get rewarded with Phonic All Star tokens and stickers for their effort. We love it too, as we see their minds processing capabilities increase, their working memory strengthen and their ability to undertake multiple mental functions at once improve enabling them to achieve literacy skills that they may have been struggling with for a longtime.

The record form enables you to:

  • keep track of what your child has achieved
  • to know what to move on with next and when to move on to a harder skill
  • to note what activities needs more practice so that skills are not overlooked. This reduces confusion and ensures confidence throughout the program. It is important children are not confused and we don’t leave them behind from missing links in their chain to learning their literacy skills
  • Pay attention to the colour coding on these record sheets. This guides you to the skill and material that you are working on. It also guides the children who may be struggling to read their record form.

The program is based on a step-by-step skilled based hierarchy that ensures the kids stabilise their skills at a particular level before progressing to more complex mental tasks.