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Come meet the friendly faces who are behind the Phonic All Stars and the Teach-Me-Speech-Sounds program.

Katrine Elliott is a more than 20 year experienced Speech Pathologist who leads the team at Once Upon A Time Therapy on the Gold Coast. She is the mind, heart and soul…not to mention hours of sweat, drawing, sewing and writing behind the Phonic All Stars and the Speech and Literacy engineering program that is available today that has helped thousands of children over the past 14 years since its development.

The Phonic All Stars are full life sized puppets to charm and enchant children as they progress forward to learn critical information that enables correction of their impairments. The puppets are made to demonstrate how speech sounds are formed in the mouth, what letters (graphemes) these speech sounds (phonemes) correlate with when we read and spell, and then share stories and music that teaches them valuable lessons in life. Download the Phonic All Star Music on itunes or CD Baby to get captivated and lost in their stories and how far this “rabbit burrow” takes us. You can also purchase this from the Once Upon a Time Therapy Centre for $35.00.


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Available in jewel case or digital download. Enjoy learning about the characters who love the sounds…m, t, s, z, v, h, w, j, p, b, and y

CD 1: Cruisin’ with the consonants

and now the newly released…

CD 2: Carnivale of Sound





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“Once Upon A Time Therapy” Centre is a children’s wonderland of narrative stories from the fairy tale series to make therapy enchanting for the little visitors who wander onto our path.

Once Upon a Time Therapy

(Optimal Communications Speech Pathology)

Suite 9/- Jackman St, SOUTHPORT Q 4215

(07) 55282222

e: info@optcom.com.au

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