How do I use the Teach-Me-Speech-Sounds Book?

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Learn the speech sound the fun way with the help of our Phonic All Star friends. Look out for Xavier Ray showing s how we make the sound inside our mouth whilst Handy Andy Ant teaches us the Phonic All Star hand signal to use w th our sound.

One thought on “How do I use the Teach-Me-Speech-Sounds Book?”

  1. If you like the small snippets of activities you see of the phonic all star series, keep watching as we move forward to build the training program for how to use the activities properly and in the right sequence that work hand in hand with “how the mind works”. This is essential to correct or engineer an impairment in listening, speech, reading, spelling or writing. Join us in the “how to fix.. series” to ensure you are undertaking the activities accurately for the correct reason. These are under construction but watch these spaces to learn more and do a good job…”how to fix listening”, “how to fix speech”, “how to fix reading” and “how to fix spelling”.

    WHY? If you’re not… you could be wasting you or your child’s/student’s time. You may as well be at the beach having fun! Better still. .. take the phonic all star equipment with you or the ideas given in the “how to fix… series” and do both! Beach and fun learning.
    Always consult a Speech Pathologist if your results are not occurring at home as you will need an assessment and advice on your recommended treatment program for specific impairments.

    WHY? Correction therapy is trickier than it seems and different conditions causing speech and literacy impairments (eg. Autism, central auditory processing, phonological processing disorder, language processing disorders) impact on different parts of the “mind’s processing”. In short, it’s like asking the IT engineer to fix the computer without them knowing what type of computer it is (eg. mac, ibm, Toshiba) and with our letting them open it up to see the mother board. It may be a small glitch that is corrected simply or the whole mother board may be fried. This impacts greatly on whether you get it back working well depending on the state of the problems or damage. I for one know i-Phones don’t survive washing machines! Lol… but I did then get my wizz bang samsung! Wish it was that easy for the brain. .. but we can’t go out and buy a new brain (yet!) so that is why we need effective…speech therapy under the guidance of a qualified Speech Pathologist who holds University or equivalent qualifications. To check this…you can visit Speech Pathology Australia whereby we need to be a member to be practicing in Australia.

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