Assessing the 22 speech vowels

Can your child produce all their 22 speech sound vowels correctly?

Why not check with a quick test using the Phonic All Star program.

What you will need:

  • Your Phonic All Star Flashcards-vowels or …
  • Your Phonic All Star Summary Card-Vowels
  • Your International Phonetic Alphabet Card-vowel page. This enables you to learn the transcription or written code to write down what they say correctly
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Use the record form to track your child’s progress









Watch this brief video to learn how to record your child’s speech using the Phonic All Star record from. Track their progress over the next weeks to see how much they improve. Once they have learned all their speech sounds that match their Phonic All Star characters, try speed racing to remember all the vowels to consolidate the learning and speed up your child’s processing skills.

Speech Therapy Program