Phonic All Star Upper and Lowercase place mat?

Like all Phonic All Star resources, they have been designed to integrate easily into a family and school life. Posters such as the Upper to lowercase matching placemat has been developed to use as a breakfast table mat for children to play and learn whilst they may be waiting for breakfast or dinner to be served. They are designed to be used with the Phonic All Star Flashcards (level 1) which act as a guide for the student to place next to the poster and turn over one card at a time and check the upper and lowercase letters that go together and to find them on the poster.


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To learn the upper case letters that match with the lowercase use this poster with your Phonic All Star flashcards (level 1)

The Uppercase is on the left and green whilst the lowercase is on the right and is coloured yellow to align with the lowercase letter on the flashcards star. The student placed a genie gem on the character around the boarder. They then search out an upper and lowercase letter based on this character and put genie gems on the letters. Then we move to the next character until all characters are completed.

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