Spelling Support Placemats

Some kids benefit greatly from having visual cue to help them to remember the sounds that correspond to the letter patterns (graphemes). The Spelling Support place-mats are designed just for that and to be used with the Real and Non-Real word reading-spelling cards during sessional work in speech therapy or learning support at home and at school.

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Spelling is far less frustrating with the under-book Spelling support place-mat when kids can check their letter patterns from the sounds they hear in the words and rehearse accuracy more often than their old errors … and not continue to put in faulty coding for letters…which can be expensive to correct with speech therapy and/or learning support.

Slip it underneath their exercise book and off you go!

You can direct them to use the place-mat to cue themselves and this leave them less time in frustration waiting for help in class or not knowing how to start to spell a word. All 46 Phonic All Star characters and their associated letter patterns for level 1 are included…however…wait…there is more…you will see the numbers for each character, well this helps them get to spelling variations to extend on their spelling skills.

There’s thought in this!!!!!

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