Reading Activities 2

Now your student needs to be confident with all 46 Phonic All Star speech sound flash cards and be able to say them independently in the prescribed time as based on the program.

After your student has also completed set times on the Chunks Program activities and is capable of reading the syllable units, they are then ready to progress beyond this to 2 and 3 syllable words.

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These 2-3 syllable non-word reading cards are a must to support your student to build the “sound processing platform” that enables them to read new words. Speed and accuracy is key to accurate therapy!

Try the real words activity sheet first and then when they have made progress move to the 2 syllable non-word activity poster. This is when you are going to see some effort being needed to be put in. Grip and hang on for the ride…this bit gets tough but the results are incredible! You will see changes now in the accuracy and speed of reading these words and how rapid this is will not only be based on what your student underlying impairment is…but what I have found is that it also assist me to find what that impairment is. Some kids make rapid improvements, whilst some are rugged in their changes on this card. To find out why, join us on the teaching program that supports this material.

So where to next…follow this link to see how far this path leads you.

Speech Therapy Program