Phoneme-to-Grapheme Conversion

So how do children learn to spell?

First they need to know their speech sounds using the Phonic All Star Level 1 phonemes and also to be able to find these speech sound on their picture and letter summary cards when you say them

Some children just don’t pick up this skill naturally and easily and need to be taught each step to learn to spell effectively.

One of the first skills they need to be taught is the skill for phoneme-to grapheme conversion. This is important for the development of phonetic spelling skills when reading regularly spelled words such as “t-r-a-m-p” or “t-r-u-m-p-e-t“. What this means is the ability for a student to listen to a speech sound (a phoneme) and then convert or switch this to the letter pattern (or grapheme).

Use your level 1 Phonic All Star cards to do this task.

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