The Literacy Program

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To start you will need your phonic all star flash cards featuring the 46 characters that teach each speech sound quickly and are easy for kids to learn…remember…and retrieve from their memory….which means they learned it once well!

Has your child fallen behind with their literacy skill?

Do you want to fast track their learning to read so you can ensure they achieve their goals?

Teach your child all 46 speech sounds and their letters in 2 hours that would sometimes take all year … Learning one sound at a time.


This list guides you to the specific Phonic All Star (P.A.S.) exercises-steps-tasks and skills that build the strong foundations for a child’s ability to process text for reading and then spelling and writing skills.

Learning the speech sounds (phonemes) and letter patterns (graphemes)

Developing the Speech Sound GRID

Phonological Awareness Skills

  • Blending speech sounds
  • Segmenting speech sounds
  • Auditory memory
  • Sequencing speech sounds
  • Speech sound identification
  • Rhyming

Reading Activities

Visual-Memory Reading

  • Sight words
  • Word worms
  • Visual sketch pad memory

Spelling Activities

Tasks for Common Mistakes kids make


This program targets children that demonstrate challenges with auditory processing, sound processing (phonological processing) that then causes phonological dyslexia and dysgraphia. It is also useful for children with visual processig and cognitive challenges as reading, spelling and writing require a combination of these skills to be successful.

How do I know that this system works?

From the last 10 years of achieving this with the students that have literacy impairments (dyslexia and dyspraxia ) so I know it will definitely work for children attending mainstream educational programs.
Then once they know the building blocks to start the skills for reading, they can then get on with the job of sounding out lots of new words and getting their teeth into stacks of books!
TIP- join a library…because you will need to to just keep up with their thirst for books.

The Phonic All Star Literacy Program is a scaffolded program that enables children to develop their word analysis skills for reading and spelling. The program enables children to learn in a step by step manner that build on their skills whilst not leaving skills behind.

The program is supported by a specifically developed Phonic All Star Record Form that enables you to test and measure your child’s skills and also to keep a track of their progress before moving to more challenging tasks in the programs design. This also helps to navigate you through the program material and know what to do what in what order with the support for the training videos from Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist.

Keep a track of your child's progress with your Phonic All Star record form
Keep a track of your child’s progress with your Phonic All Star record form

The program enables you to set your own pace and record your child’s success and achievement in bite sized and easy to follow steps whereby no-stone-is-left-unturned. Children need to be able to acquire each fundamental skill that builds their minds ability to process written text and create written text. Speech impaired children don’t develop this or aren’t born with this functioning accurately…so it has to be built.

The Phonic All Star program is a comprehensive speech and literacy correction program developed by Katrine Elliott-Speech Pathologist from Optimal Communications Speech Pathology on the Gold Coast. The program supports the correction of speech impairment, dyslexia, dysgraphia, learning impairment for kids with reading difficulties and spelling difficulties. It is also great for kids demonstrating autism or autistic spectrum disorder.
You can keep track of your child’s capabilities-achievements-corrections every step of the way.


In short…the car doesn’t go far without

spark plugs…engine…gear box…brakes…

window wipers…regulator…tyres…radiator

When we can engineer all these parts together in regard sto the speech processor with the visual processing skills because we understand what they are and whether your child is having challenges with them, then their minds start working to decipher, read, spell and comprehend text! However, just like a car… literacy capabilities also involves the “windscreen”…visual capability… hearing…cognitive skills…and willingness to learn!


Katrine Elliott is an experienced Speech Pathologist with 20 years clinical practice with children and adults proving the correction of literacy challenges with her clients at her private practice on the Gold Coast (Optimal Communications) and now the new therapy centre called “Once Upon A Time Therapy” at Jackman St SOUTHPORT Q 4215. Call 07 5528 2222 for a booking for speech pathology support and assessment with her speech pathology team or contact us on

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