About the Phonic All Star program

The Phonic All Stars Program is a speech and literacy correction program developed by Katrine Elliott, Speech Pathologist from Once Upon A Time Therapy on the Gold Coast, Australia (Optimal Communications) .

The program is for students who have challenges with an array of challenges that impact on the normal development of communication skills for speech, listening and literacy. The Phonic All Stars program features in the speech therapy group program called Club Yicketty Yak-Getting Talking on Track which is a 10 week program (3 hrs a morning) held at the Once Upon a Time Therapy Centre in Southport on the Gold Coast, Australia.

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Listening, speech, reading, spelling and writing…essential skills for life.

The program is centred around the core grid of 46 speech sounds which represent the Australian Phonetic Alphabet.

Teach me speech sound is part of the comprehensive speech and literacy correction program called the Phonic All Star Program. It has an inbuilt family teaching syllabus that provides great resources that are simple to use and enjoyable for your child whilst having their therapy to correct their speech impairment, dyslexia or dysgraphia. It is also great as a phonics based reading and spelling program.
Learning the phonetic alphabet is easy with these teachers support cards to get you familiar with the speech sounds and how to write their phonetic symbol.

Each speech sound is identified by a Phonic All Star character whereby there are 46 characters in the series. The focus is on learning the speech sounds as is required for speech correction and learning the basic elements of speech sounds and what letters they represent to be able to develop reading and spelling skills. It also supports people who are demonstrating challenges with auditory processing skills.

So this is why this website is called TEACH-ME-SPEECH-SOUNDS.

Teach-Me-Speech-Sounds is a speech and literacy correction program developed by Katrine Elliott, an experienced Speech Pathologist from Optimal Communications on the Gold Coast, Australia. The program is part of the exciting and novel speech therapy character series called the Phonic All Stars which features a team of 46 souped up and “in your face” characters that not only teach you how to make speech sounds but entertain you with their singing and their stories.
Learn the Australian speech sounds consonants using the Teach Me Speech Sounds Book with the Phonic All Star characters.

This is where we start. By learning the central grid of 46 speech sounds, they become the building blocks to start the foundations to speech, listening and literacy correction for reading, spelling and writing.

There is a step by step process to achieving this as a DIY program from home or in parallel with your speech therapy program you are undertaking. This may be slightly different based on whether you are:

  • Correcting a speech impairment
  • Improving listening
  • Learning to read
  • Learning to spell
  • Learning to write

It is actually quite a complex job to assess, evaluate the diagnosis and cause of an impairment and develop a targeted program based on each individual and this is where the qualified Speech Pathologist comes in. However, what this program aims to do is to teach the fundamental skills that underpin speech and literacy and enable you to attend to activities to support the development of these skills. You can gain support from us via our online consultation program to assess and provide specific suggestions how to help you if you reach a tricky bit and see no changes…because there are many types of speech and literacy impairments and many causes for them. This program does not set out to replace the Speech Pathologist but compliment their therapy and provide you with valuable knowledge and activities that do make a difference. .

So back to the 46 Phonic All Star characters and the speech sounds we will be learning… this is only where the program starts. Unlike many products available on the market to teach phonetic skills to children, the Phonic All Star program goes far further than just providing a character-a letter name-a speech sound and a hand signal…as the Phonic All Star program has been developed by an experienced clinical Speech Pathologist who understands first hand how the mind processes speech, listening and literacy skills and how to improve or correct it. The program has been designed as an neurological-engineering program that targets the underlying components of our minds processing to enable connections and corrections to be made when students are struggling or showing impairment.

So if your car isn’t working, you take it to a mechanic who diagnoses the part that is dysfunctional and repairs or replaces this …

… well the Phonic All Star program has been broken up into modules and parts so that each underlying skill can be targeted and corrected to enable children to do their best to fix their hardware of their mind so that they can then process the content of the software whether that is for speech, listening, reading, spelling or writing.

What do I mean by this statement?

It is not uncommon to work with children who have been receiving significant tutoring (school or home) and even learning support from school for a long time and they have made minimal progress and have fallen significantly behind their peers for their speech and/or literacy skills. Once commencing the Phonic All Star program or engineering program, and working through the specific tasks as directed, they are off and running making big leaps in their skills. As their hardware is corrected, they are then able to articulate the words they were stuck on, read the words they had been labouring over, take in and store the new words they are learning to read, comprehend sentences and text they had been trying to read… then their minds can “read the software” that is given to them in their classroom settings and beyond. So-get the pathways working-get the programs running. So try not to be enchanted by the funky look of the puppets or the craziness of the music and their stories. Underneath this “smoke and mirrors” is a program of substance that kids don’t even know they are undertaking because of how it is packaged. I must warn though, for those that skim over the program activities and say to themselves… “Oh-It’s just phonological awareness or it’s just basic chunking and phoneme – grapheme recognition… we can just do the same with our own letter cards”… good-O…but the development behind this program does have some hidden winged keel features that make the difference and with them NOT included make a significant impact on whether the student actually learns/develops the skill you set out to achieve. Gaining the resources is only half the secret…the most important thing is to know what to do with them when you have them. This program aims to teach you this and the “special features” that have been seen as making the difference from clinical observations from the last 14 years of the development of the Phonic All Star Program. 

The program is a scaffolded program that has a step by step design of simple and clear activities whereby the material has been developed to be not only lively and interesting for the kids, but also easily integrated into their day whether that be for homework or in class tasks.

To learn about some of our “winged keel” skills and come on our journey which is the Phonic All Star Program, enter your name and details into the port hole on the left (web browsers) or at the bottom ( androids and iphones). We can then send you lots of information about the program and resources and how to use them.

So if you are on board… where do you start. Enter your details and you can get going to learn the Phonic All Star characters! If you don’t-you can’t receive the password that unlocks this information for you.














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